Mission :: Solomon Schechter Day School


Schechter, a Jewish community day school, offers an exceptional, forward-thinking, student-centered education from early childhood through eighth grade. We inspire students to love learning, celebrate Jewish life, connect to each other, and build a vibrant future for themselves and their community in a joyful, challenging, and creative environment.

Core Values

Chochmah (Wisdom)

We believe true wisdom comes when we ask complex questions, consider multiple perspectives with empathy, grapple with original texts and primary sources, study the world around us, and discover personal meaning.

Lev Tov (Good Heart)

We believe that by learning to love kindness, pursue justice, treat all human beings with respect, and care for our natural world, our students develop a good heart and a strong moral compass.

Kehillah (Community)

We believe in the power and beauty of our inclusive, diverse community, where students build friendships across grades, families connect to one another, and everyone can find a home.

Mitzvot (Jewish Practice)

We believe in the power of mindful, meaningful, joyful Jewish practice. Some mitzvot can connect us to our fellow human beings; others can connect us to the divine. All offer opportunities to add holiness to our lives. 

K’lal Yisrael (Unity of the Jewish people)

We believe in the unity of the Jewish people and celebrate the variety of beliefs, ethnicities, and traditions that exist at Schechter and in Jewish communities worldwide. We treasure Israel and the Hebrew language as threads that connect the Jewish people to each other, to our past, and to our future.

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