Mission :: Solomon Schechter Day School


Schechter nurtures and inspires the next generation of creators and thinkers to make positive change in the global community through dynamic, forward-looking models of education guided by Jewish principles and values.


The Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Hartford graduates students who are bold, creative, resilient and flexible; students who know how to ask questions and learn, who are guided by a solid moral compass and a sense of urgency to improve the world. Schechter graduates will be positioned to contribute in a meaningful way to both the Jewish and American communities and to be outstanding role models for goodness.

Core Values

Wisdom (Chochma)

Deep learning happens both between teacher and students, as well as among peers. Our students transform knowledge into wisdom by learning to think through multiple perspectives of an issue, to ask complex questions and to present thoughtful responses and solutions. Schechter develops each student’s ability to live with uncertainty, to embrace wonder and know that not everything demands concrete answers.

Community (Klal Yisrael)

Our strength is rooted in the ideal that interpersonal connections and networks sustain individuals as well as communities. The Schechter community is multi-generational, cross-grade, reaching beyond the walls of the school into Greater Hartford, the United States, and the global Jewish community with deep connections to Israel.

Good Heart (Lev Tov)

The habits of the heart developed at Schechter regularly extend beyond our walls, providing students with both the values and action needed to live with a good heart. Schechter guides students in developing deep empathy for all living creatures, along with the ability to be guided by that insight. Everyone deserves the opportunity to make amends and to grow.

The Qualities That Define Us

What will Solomon Schechter do for your child? It will give them the tools and traits to live active, meaningful and engaged lives. Our graduates stand out for the following characteristics.

Personally Invested in Judaism

Students graduate with a deep and personal appreciation of their Jewish heritage. Judaic Studies and Hebrew language are integral throughout our curriculum; students regularly interact with Israeli citizens and 8th graders visit Israel as a capstone experience.

Compassionate and Caring

In keeping with our values of Community (Klal Yisrael) and Good Heart (Lev Tov), our students are taught to be compassionate citizens, actively engaged in both the local and global communities.

Secure Sense of Self

Schechter students grow to understand their own complex identities. Guided by Jewish values and experiences, they develop the skills needed to navigate an increasingly complex world.


Guided by our Core Value of Wisdom (Chochma), Schechter students are taught to discern complex truths and transform knowledge into wisdom.

Globally Connected

With families coming from numerous countries, the Schechter community models the concept of global connectedness — an aspect deeply embedded in our curriculum.

Deep Critical Thinkers

Guided in their ability to apply critical thinking to complex problems, our students grow to be deep thinkers exploring multiple solutions to complicated problems.

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