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Why Give

Why make a gift to Schechter? Most simply, because each gift makes an immediate and lasting difference — in the lives of students, families, the Jewish community and the greater world.

At Schechter, we know firsthand the impact of a Jewish day school education — but see for yourself what the research reveals. A study conducted by the Cohen Center at Brandeis University shows the lasting value of a Jewish day school education. Among the highlights:

  • Day-school graduates have high levels of academic success, exhibiting “significant advantages over their peers who are public- and independent-school graduates”
  • The curriculum’s emphasis on critical thinking, analytic skills and second-language instruction gives graduates an advantage in the modern world
  • Day-school alumni are committed to the needs of others; they volunteer and seek careers that benefit society

And perhaps most importantly,

  • Students who attend Schechter and other Jewish day schools develop a strong sense of Jewish identity and go on to “build meaningful Jewish lives.”

Working Together to Support Jewish Students

We believe all Jewish children deserve the benefits of a Jewish day school education and we work hard on their behalf. We also believe it to be a shared community responsibility.

Schechter opens its doors each year to educate Jewish students — those with and without the means to pay full tuition. We can do so because of the support we receive from the Jewish Federation, the Jewish Foundation and individual donors. Working together, we strengthen our students’ educational experience.

When you join our efforts you help us maintain a nurturing, creative and differentiated education for Jewish children in our community. And in doing so, you enhance their lives and strengthen our Jewish community.

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