Educational Philosophy :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Educational Philosophy

A Meaningful & Relevant Education

At Solomon Schechter, we believe in students’ unlimited potential. We see their incredible capacity for kindness and creativity, their innate curiosity, and their desire for meaningful learning.

A Schechter education is guided by this understanding. We work to maximize every student’s capacity for success. Our constructivist approach encourages students to be self-directed, independent thinkers — to know that what they learn is both relevant and applicable.

We foster collaboration and deep appreciation for the gifts shared by others. In doing so, we develop students who are resilient in the face of challenges, guided by our Core Values of:

  • Chochmah—חכמה—Wisdom

  • Lev Tov—לב טוב—Good Heart

  • Kehillah—קהילה—Community

  • Mitzvot—מצוות—Jewish Practice

  • K’lal Yisrael—כלל ישראל—Unity of the Jewish People

These values, which are lived and practiced at Schechter, give our students the skills they need to successfully navigate an ever-changing world.

Schechter offers an Enhanced Curriculum — one that develops students in complex and multifaceted ways.They learn to:

  • Think critically
  • Connect ideas and events across time and traditions
  • Engage with and care for community
  • Explore multiple ways to approach a problem
  • Practice acting with a good heart
  • Develop second and third language acquisition skills

In all they do, our students build and test prototypes, extracting wisdom from their experiences.

A Diverse and Supportive Community

Students come to Schechter from diverse Jewish, socio-economic and family backgrounds, bringing multiple perspectives and learning styles. Beyond the United States, our students come from:

  • Israel

  • Peru

  • Russia

  • Columbia

  • Brazil

  • Poland

  • Canada

  • Korea

  • Nicaragua

  • England

We honor both the family and the individual student by encouraging every student to contribute to the school community in his/her own way. Our climate is one where differences are celebrated and appreciation is developed.

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