Visual Art :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Visual Art

Grades K-2

For students in grades K-2, the Art Studio experience focuses on:

  • Learning the basic elements of art
  • Incorporating art vocabulary
  • Exploring the practice of art

Student experiment with different styles and mediums, creating original works through hands-on instruction. Throughout the school year, they draw, paint and sculpt, while learning to articulate these accomplishments through new found art vocabulary.

Grades 3-5

The Art Studio for third through fifth grade students focuses on the understanding of art styles, art movements, and art practice. Students build upon their developing skills by learning how different artists’ styles alter the way art has been appreciated and produced throughout history. An in-depth look at why an artist created a work and how he/she achieved it, provides students with a new level of critical thinking about art. They also explore 2D and 3D art, and learn to develop their own artistic style.

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