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Variable Tuition Program: Combining Affordability and Excellence

"At Schechter, we strongly believe that a family's financial commitment should be in proportion to its financial resources. The Variable Tuition Program allows us to match tuition to your family's income and ability to pay." - Andrea Kasper, Head of School

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Solomon Schechter Day School is committed to making its high-quality education as accessible and affordable as possible. Variable tuition allows us to align tuition costs to a family's income level, thereby welcoming more qualified students into our community.

What it Is

Variable tuition is a needs-based financial assistance program that matches the cost of tuition to a family's unique financial position. By offering assistance at the family-income level (rather than by the number of children enrolled per family) we can ensure that a Schechter education reaches and serves more families.

How it Works

All new and returning families are eligible to apply for Variable Tuition. To apply, complete the FACTS Tuition Management System form, which will be used to calculate tuition. Families will pay tuition in a range they can afford, up to 100% of the maximum tuition level (the price it costs SSDS to educate each student).

Questions? Contact Marco Signorello at

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment

FACTS Management, a division of Nelnet, Inc., makes quality education affordable for families and students, while supporting the financial stability of private and faith-based institutions.

One way we do this is through our Grant & Aid Assessment service, which allows schools to award financial aid with confidence to the families who truly need it. We work with schools to create a custom application for families, so FACTS can collect the financial data that matters. This way, your school will have the most accurate picture possible to make award decisions it can be proud of.

You can apply at:

  • If you use FACTS Tuition Management, you may log in using the same credentials
  • Fill out and submit your online application*
  • Submit all required supporting documents by uploading online or faxing to 866.315.9264

Customer Care Representatives are available to assist you at 866.441.4637.

Frequently Asked Questions

Application deadlines are set by your institution. If you are applying after the deadline, please contact your school to make sure your application will be accepted.

Yes. All documentation received is imaged upon receipt and then destroyed. Then, the application data becomes property of the applicable institution.

You can log into to check the status of your application. Please allow two weeks for processing.

No. FACTS does not require a credit check!

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