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Newsletter: Schechter Shavua

Schechter Shavua: June 7, 2024

As the 2023-2024 school year comes to a close, we reflect upon the academic, spiritual, social-emotional, and creative growth that occurred for our students. Early Childhood students culminate their year with a project inspired by their interests and passions. Fifth and sixth graders build upon…


Schechter Shavua: May 24, 2024

We’ve been making great use of Schechter’s new Scott Shoham z”l Memorial Makerspace since it was dedicated earlier this year. Learn about Alim’s Shark Tank project that turned students into detectives and engineers as well as the Anafim Text to Textiles program that synthesized Jewish learning with…


Schechter Shavua: May 10, 2024

Our Middle Students learn with both their minds and hearts when they experience lessons through travel! Read about their recent trips to Alabama and Washington, DC! And Schechter ended Passover with a delicious and global perspective: Mimouna! Plus, read Rabbi Berger’s perspective about the…


Schechter Shavua: April 12, 2024

Energy! It can manifest in many different ways, and Schechter’s got plenty of it to go around. It’s Middle Schoolers learning about chemical and electrical energy through experiments with lemons and potatoes. It’s the excited energy of 4th graders as they play tunes on their ukuleles. It’s the…


Schechter Shavua: March 29, 2024

How do you create a triangle out of a circle? What do fossils tell us about the Earth’s changing surface? Schechter students investigate these topics and so much more… read all about it in this week’s Schechter Shavua!


Schechter Shavua: March 15, 2024

Whether it’s Alim students creating geometry towns using rulers and protractors to build cities, streets, and buildings based on geometry units, 5th grade math students arranging decimal cards to demonstrate their knowledge of place value and understand the concept that with decimals, a longer…


Schechter Shavua: March 1, 2024

Creating is a big part of student learning at Schechter. Whether it’s designing and creating a Medieval village to reflect their learning about the topic or planning, writing, and creating a Fairy Tale that demonstrates an understanding of that genre, students engage deeply with work that they…


Schechter Shavua: February 16, 2024

One of the things we love about a Schechter education is the way in which teachers of all disciplines can help students approach a topic from a variety of perspectives. Learn how the Anafim students (grades 1-2) demonstrated the amazing benefits of this process with their unit, “Mi Ani?” (or “All…


Schechter Shavua: February 2, 2024

Our middle school students demonstrate tremendous growth when presented with opportunities for leadership. Schechter offers many opportunities throughout the year for them to guide the younger students in special activities. Read about two such recent activities: Yom Ha’Ivrit (Hebrew Day) and the…


Schechter Shavua: January 19, 2024

How do teachers connect their lessons to Schechter’s core values? It happens daily, whether through the Lev Tov (Good Heart) that comes through when learning about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s messages, or understanding Kehillah (Community) and K’lal Yisrael (Unity of the Jewish People) through the…

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