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Schechter Shavua: June 14, 2021

Schechter Combines Music and Movement to Learn Torah Trope

nava torah cropped smaller.jpg Learning to chant from the Torah is a deeply meaningful milestone for Schechter’s 5th grade Gesher students as they prepare to take their places as Jewish young adults. This spring, the students began learning to chant Torah tropeand prepared Torah readings. Teacher Limor Shefer taught students physical movements to correspond with each trope that helps them remember and produce the sound of the notes. By using kinesthetic learning, movement and action replace more passive forms of learning, such as listening to a lecture, and students grasp the concepts more quickly and easily.
In May, students and their parents each created a beautiful hand-made yad (pointer) that they will use as they read from the Torah. At the end of the year, Gesher class held tefillahled by the fourth graders, with a Torah service and Torah reading led by the fifth graders. 
We are so excited to welcome this group of young Torah readers into the community as they begin to prepare for their b’nai mitzvahs! 

Click to see a VIDEO of students chanting trope with their hand movements and PHOTOS of the entire torah reading process from the beginning.

reva bridge- smaller.JPEGThese Architects are All Wet

This term the Rimonimstudents (grades 2-3) studied architecture, learning about the vocabulary and process involved in building a structure. The students delved into concepts including form versus function and analyzed the form and function of various structures. They also looked at various famous structures from around the world. Integrating geometry (especially triangles and their role in trusses for bridge construction). The students each designed a blueprint for their bridge and “purchased” timber to construct it. When the bridges were finished, they were tested under the weight of water.

Check out this VIDEO to see the excitement on this wet and wild day in Rimonim!

8th at wadsworth- smaller.JPG8th Grade Adventures Close out Their Year

Bogrimstudents (8th grade) spent two weeks adventuring around New England! This fantastic group directed their energy and excitement in planning the adventures, including volunteering, sailing, hiking, mini-golfing, bowling, exploring railroads, and breaking out of escape rooms. They had a great time bonding, laughing, and creating lasting memories...all documented with both digital images and old-school film!

Check out some pics of their adventures HERE.

Mazal Tov to the Class of 2021

2021 grads- smaller.JPEGSchechter wishes a hearty mazal tov to the 2021 graduating class and their families! It was the end of an era for three longstanding Schechter families, each graduating their youngest children. Together, these families have clocked 69 Schechter years!! We will miss you and we look forward to seeing the impact you have on your communities in the future.

Photos of graduation HERE

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