Schechter Shavua: September 8, 2023 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: September 8, 2023

Alim Students Set Goals in ELA (English Language Arts)

shakked ELA goals.jpg In English Language Arts instructional time (ELA), Alimstudents (grades 3-4) have been setting personal goals for the upcoming year. With their peers, students discussed their desires and dreams, including personal and academic goals, future careers, and their favorite academic subjects. Working in pairs and independently to organize their thoughts, these strong notetakers jotted down their ideas, created sentences, and wrote a letter to their future selves. Students felt empowered to take ownership of where they would like to be at the end of the school year, and we cannot wait to help them accomplish their goals.

K-2 Students Immerse Themselves in Hebrew

k hebrew day- smaller.jpg Welcome to the Hebrew Center! This space serves both as a K-2 classroom and also as a resource for teachers of all grades and subjects who seek to immerse students in Hebrew. Our young Hebrew learners, taught by Anat Climor ( Ilanot /K and Anafim /gr.1) and Ruth Ben Porat (Anafim/gr. 2), start with a foundation of vocabulary that is used on a daily basis, such as days of the week, seasons, weather, and routines. They combine songs with each new concept to help facilitate learning. This welcoming environment is stocked -- fully in Hebrew -- with music, games, books, and a smart board. Parents, be sure to check out the Hebrew Center at our upcoming Back to School Night!

Do you know what day it is in Hebrew? Our Ilanot (kindergarten) students can tell you! They learn Hebrew through music, games, art, and immersion! Click HERE to play a video!

Middle Schoolers Reach for the Skies

eleanor sophie square- smaller.jpgTo help students challenge themselves, build collaboration, and foster stronger connections, the middle school team traveled to the Camp Shalom ropes course last week. Balance and climbing activities required students to work together and communicate effectively. They also helped demonstrate the ideals of a Growth Mindset: students learned that with perseverance and focus, they can accomplish more than they thought. Although several students have a fear of heights, they overcame it with the help of positive encouragement from peers and teachers. Other students enjoyed the freedom to work at their own pace without any pressure to hurry up or be the fastest. Even the bus ride to and from camp was filled with laughter and singing. This was a positive way to begin what promises to be an exciting year for Schechter’s middle schoolers.

Click HEREto see more photos of Middle School Collaboration in the Sky!

ReLiSh is Back!

caleb rafi arms waving- smaller.jpg


Love of Jewish tradition shines through each Friday as our students sing, clap, and dance their way through ReLiSh(Ruach Lichvod Shabbat). And it's back at Schechter! Relatives and friends are invited to join us.

Click HERE to see photos of rhe ReLiSh excitement.

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