Schechter Shavua: February 10, 2020 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: February 10, 2020

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Evan, a student in Gesher who practiced one of Schechter's core values, Lev Tov, this week in the MakerSpace room. When Evan saw that a classmate was stuck on her invention convention idea, he came to her side to help. Nava was unsure about what direction to take for her invention; since Evan had already finished his prototype, he offered to help her. They were a great team, working collaboratively to build a functioning circuit with a switch.


Fairy Tales as Inspiration for Science and Math

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The children in the T'marim classroom have been using fairy tales as inspiration for their project work. One story they have focused on, "Jack and the Beanstalk," ties into the upcoming holiday of Tu B'shevat. The children worked collaboratively to cut strips of green paper and glue them into rings in a very long paper chain beanstalk. They then measured it in the hallway because it was too long for the classroom. It was 20.5 ft! The teachers couldn't hang it from the ceiling due to height challenges, so the class enlisted the help of Coach Schultz who easily came to the rescue. Students also planted bean seeds and are anxiously waiting for them to grow. Click Here for more photos!


A New Way of "Du-ing" Music Literacy

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This week in music class, Gesher and Parparim experienced musical hands-on learning centers! Miss Whalen facilitated while four different groups had the chance to develop old and new skills, including early notational literacy, reading music notation and playing it on an instrument, singing for and with classmates, enjoying quiet time with a stuffed animal and a good book, and even creating their own songs! Gesher practiced their notation reading and also practiced their instruments. Parparim students took turns being the teacher in their groups, and they were each able to lead their small groups one by one. Ask your Gesher students about copying patterns using "du" and "du de," and ask your Parparim students to help you sing "No More Pie!"


Start Gearing Up for Purim!!

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Our Purim 2020 Mishloach Manot campaign has begun! Please check your email for your unique login information to participate in the school-wide Mishloach Manot campaign. We will also be recruiting volunteers for packing the mishloach manot baskets on Sunday morning March 8 (prior to Hamataschen & ReLiSH) and drivers to deliver the baskets to community members. If you are interested in volunteering this year, or if you have any questions, please contact Rachel Glantz at Thank you!


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Calendar of Events

February 12: Israeli Dance Festival @ 6:30pm

February 13: Shalom Reggio Cafe! Free and open to the community

February 14: Professional Development. No classes

February 17-18: School Closed for February Vacation

February 20: Israeli Dance Festival (Snow date)

February 25: Friends of the IDF Program

March 4: Israel Night for Parents @ 7pm

March 6: EC joins RELISH

March 6: Last Friday 2:30 dismissal

March 8: Hamentashen and RELISH @ 10:30am (Open to the Community!)

March 10 Purim celebrated in school

March 12: Shalom Reggio Cafe! Free and open to the community


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