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Schechter Shavua: March 23, 2020



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Schechter Distance Learning Featured on Fox61 News!!!


What's New in Preschool? Everything... and Nothing!

akiva patterns SMALLER.jpgDistance Learning Engages Schechter’s Youngest Students Too!


Schechter’s Early Childhood team has jumped into the challenge of distance learning, taking on a new platform in order to stay connected to our youngest students during this time of school closure.

The teaching team communicates with their EC students and families through a program called Seesaw, which lets them upload videos of themselves engaging their students in all domains of learning. Their main goals are to stay connected to the children and families and also maintain a sense of normalcy and daily routine, which is essential for young students.

Each day, the children receive a “Morning Meeting” video which includes meditation, prayers and songs. The teachers also record hands-on engaging activities for the children that incorporate materials that the families will have around their homes.

Some of this week‘s highlights included patterning with fruits, (math) a sink and float activity (science), rainbow toast (art/ cooking) a lady bug counting book (math/literacy), yoga (physical movement) and Kabbalat Shabbat with songs and blessings (Judaics). The outcome of this week’s digital learning platform has been remarkable! Parents were thrilled that their children remained engaged all week. They enthusiastically sent in pictures of their kids watching, singing, and experimenting. Michelle Fontaine, Early Childhood Coordinator, noted that the pictures and comments parents are sending “has warmed our hearts. We miss our children dearly and treasure this digital connection!”

Click HERE to see photos of our Early Childhood Students reading, creating, moving, and connecting!

Schechter Parents Respond to Week 1 of Distance Learning With Love and Gratitude

kests with sherri SMALLER.JPG On Sunday, members of the Schechter Parent Association travelled near and far to deliver gifts of appreciation to the Schechter faculty and staff for their hard work and dedication to keeping their students connected! As parents surprised Schechter faculty and staff at their homes with a bottle of wine, they were greeted (from a distance) with smiles and tears! Head of School Andrea Kasper said, "Our Schechter parents are such dedicated members of the community. We truly value their partnership throughout the year, but especially now during this time of changing norms." This new time of school closure has brought the Schechter community together in beautiful ways. In addition to PA bringing thoughtful gifts to the home of each staff member, teachers are reaching out to their students and families to check in on both academic and emotional levels; parents connect with each other, sending out ideas for fun actvities; we experienced our first Home Edition of Shabbat RELISH with resounding success and look forward to staying connected that way each Friday for the duration of the closure. You can see the smiles of gratitude on some of the faces of our faculty and staff HERE.

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