Welcome Back from Pesach! Schechter Shavua: April 20, 2020 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Welcome Back from Pesach! Schechter Shavua: April 20, 2020

The Art Studio has moved to DIGITAL!

Art Studio collage SMALLER.jpgChanges are ever present in the ArtStudio, but this is a totally new way to work in ART!

Parparim’s adventures in Ms. Van’s new digital Art Room involve art stations and online art practice through The Tate Modern forum for kids. This platform allows students to create art like street artist Keith Haring through their web-based design studio. Another home art station challenged Parparim students to experience the way Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel: lying on his back to paint the ceiling!

Rimonim explored the world of Alexander Calder through their SeeSaw challenge from Ms. Van. Students studied about Calder’s early work creating a sculptural circus; they then created their own wild circus through digital mediumor physical structure at home and shared it back through video and photography via SeeSaw.

As a fun mid-week challenge for students in Parparim and Rimonim, Ms. Van shared a great activity from Mo Willems, celebrated illustrator, to learn how to create his characters. The video activity, Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems provides fun for young and old(er) alike!l

Gesher has jumped into their digital ArtStudio with GUSTO! They were the first group to use Google MEET with Ms. Van and experience online Art class! Each student was challenged to create their own artwork of their bedroom inspired by Van Gogh’s rendering of his own bedroom. Each student had a unique vision and perspective of their personal living space inspired by this favorite artist of the class.

Middle School is learning a new way to experience art through Art History research. The MS students are choosing an art movement, art period, or artist to do an in-depth study, presentation, and artwork to share with their student body. The students have chosen subjects from Ancient Art to celebrated mid-century Disney artist Mary Blair to research and begin creating unique presentations. 

Although this new time for the Art Studio is challenging, it is presenting so many new opportunities for sharing a love of art and new experiences to have with students AND their families! Art for ALL, as an ArtStudio favorite Keith Haring would have wanted!

Make Cheesecake with Michal!

michal cheesecake SMALLER.png You loved making Passover Brownies and Flourless Quiche with Michal.... now she is back by popular demand! This time, she's got mouth-watering cheesecake in store for you! Click HERE to learn how to make Michal's delicious Cheesecake! (And, a BONUS... this cheesecake is delicious both for Passover all year round!)

Make CHEESECAKE with Michal!

Schechter Families Celebrate Pesach

patt seder masksSMALLER.JPGWe may be physically distant, but the hearts of our Schechter community remain together! Thanks to the families who submitted photos of their seder preparations, family (and Zoom) seders, and fun activities during Chol Hamoed.... it helps keep us in each other's lives!

Click HERE to view photos that will make you smile!

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