Schechter Shavua: January 5, 2024 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: January 5, 2024

What Does Math Taste Like?

7th brownie math- smaller.png Who knew that math could taste delicious? The Perahim seventh graders learned this in a recent math lesson! After students finished learning how to solve operations with rational and negative numbers, they were given an unusual way to conclude the unit.The students were given a brownie recipe that was filled with equations; students had to solve these equations in order to calculate the actual measurements needed to make brownies. Once the calculations were finalized, they began to assemble the brownies. The final result of this cumulative math assessment was…delicious! 

Crabby about Non-fiction Reading and Writing!

jesse working non-fiction- smaller.jpg The Alim (grades 3-4) reading and writing unit before winter vacation dovetailed with Mrs. Spector's Science unit on Hermit Crabs. While students in science class created STEAM projects about Hermit Crabs and studied the creatures’ characteristics, they further expanded their studies by reading nonfiction texts and creating their own Hermit Crab Informational Report based on the research they collected. While reading nonfiction books about Hermit Crabs,  students participated in discussions to ask and answer questions about the text. They identified the main idea and details from the text, then wrote their Hermit Crab Informational Report. The unit includes allowing students to take control of their own learning by studying Hermit Crabs, applying nonfiction text features into their own writing, and synthesizing details from the text. Before break, Alim students shared their projects with peers, combining their STEAM Hermit Crab work and their Informational Report.

Click HEREto see photos of their research and writing process.

Families Experience Havdalah Together

jonah dad havdallah activity- smaller.jpg Just before winter vacation, the Ilanot (Kindergarten) students and parents gathered in the cafeteria for their annual Havdalah celebration. Since the beginning of the school year, students  have been learning the ins and outs of Havdalah. Rabbi Berger has come with his guitar every Monday morning to the Kindergarten classroom to help the Ilanot students say goodbye to Shabbat. The special Havdalah celebration provides parents the opportunity to share in the learning that their children are doing. Each family went home with a handmade havdalah kit that they created together, enabling them to carry out this ritual at home as well.

Click HERE to view more Havdalah photos.

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