Schechter Shavua: May 24, 2021 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: May 24, 2021

T’marim Develops Artistic Style

picasso t'marim - smaller.png When T’marim (EC3-4) teachers Yeshiva and Julie noticed that their students really enjoyed drawing themselves, they decided to focus on self-portraits for their artist study. Through the process, the children learned to look at the details, draw what they see, use the colors that they see, all while developing their fine motor skills. Students learned about artists such as Hanoch Piven, an Israeli artist, who uses found objects to make portraits. They were also visited by a guest expert: Ms. Rhiannon Van Bindsbergen (aka Ms. Van), Schechter’s Visual Art Educator. Ms. Van taught the T’marim students about Picasso, then inspired students to create self-portraits in Picasso’s style. During a time when visitors and field trips aren’t allowed, it was really exciting for the students to have this special experience. The children created their portraits using different media including markers, found objects, collage material, paint, and photo selfies. 

Next week, stay tuned for photos of the entire Early Childhood Drive-Through Art Exhibit!

View photos of students learning in-depth about artistic style HERE

Adventures in Metamorphosis

caterpillar arrival2- smaller.JPG The butterfly adventure began with a surprise delivery of caterpillars to the Sh’kedim class (Early Childhood 3-4). The children spent more than a week observing the caterpillars and documenting metamorphosis in the science center. Fortunately, the butterflies emerged from their chrysalis during the school day, so students were able to witness this exciting process first hand! It was exciting to mix up sugar water to feed to the butterflies to help them to grow stronger to live on their own in nature. Finally, students held a ceremony at the playground to set the beautiful butterflies free, reciting the Shehecheyanu blessing before saying “shalom” to the parparim. The butterfly investigation was an incredibly memorable learning  experience for the children in the Sh'kedim class.

Click HERE for photos of the metamorphosis process from start to finish. 

Shavuot: Buried Treasure and Role-Playing (if You’re Two)

shavuot dubonim- smaller.png Dubonim students (EC2) have been getting excited to celebrate Shavuot! Each child made a Ten Commandments tablet and acted out the story of Moses receiving them from G-d. Dubonim teachers Bonnie and Linda read the perfect age-appropriate story called Ten Good Rules by Susan Remick Topek, which enabled the children to better understand and discuss the meaning of the holiday.
Since the Dubonim love to bake, they made a delicious cheesecake for a special Shavuot snack. As two year olds love to do, they hid some chocolate chips inside the cheesecake as “buried treasure!” 

Check out photos of Dubonim's engagement with Judaics HERE!

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