Schechter Shavua: March 1, 2024 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: March 1, 2024

Writing Process Develops Sense of Pride in Students’ Work

whole board of fairy tales- smaller.jpg Throughout the year, students in Anafim (gr. 1-2) explore different genres of writing. Recently, they delved into a new genre, learning about common themes and features of fairy tales. Initially, students studied the characteristics of fairy tales and planned shorter practice fairy tales. Then, they applied this knowledge as they planned their own full-length fairy tale. Students strategized, describing their characters, setting, problem, and solution before writing a rough draft. After revising their tales and writing their final drafts, these creative students illustrated their stories and created beautiful covers. This process helped students develop a well-deserved sense of pride in their finished stories. Stop by the Anafim classrooms to take a look at these fantastic products!

Catch more photos of the Fairy Tale projects HERE!

What’s in YOUR Medieval Village?

reva tiny church- smaller.jpgNevatim students (gr. 5-6) have spent the last two months studying Medieval Europe. They have learned about feudalism (lords, knights, serfs), Vikings, the spread of Christianity, origins of well-known holidays like Halloween and Christmas (both holidays have Pagan roots!), the Bubonic Plague, and daily life in a typical Medieval town of western Europe. Students applied this knowledge as they built their own Medieval village. It contains a main street or square where people buy their goods and congregate, a church, and fields where serfs grow food for the villagers. Most of the houses surround the village. Their constructed village also contains a manor house where the lord lives; this manor can also house people for protection if there is ever a fight or war that threatens the villagers. The Nevatim Medieval village is on display in the front lobby, so come take a look!

Check out more photos of Medieval construction HERE.

This Program Produces a Beautiful Tallit, and So Much More

elan matthews and mom tie tzitzit- smaller.jpg In 6th grade, the Nevatim students fuse together archeology, tefillah, economics, Torah, connection to family, and connection to God through their Tallit unit. They have been studying biblical texts and learning about the significance of commandments, focusing on the components of the Tallit, including the tekhelet, the blue thread made using a rare, ancient blue dye that disappeared from the world for almost 2,000 years before being resurrected in Israel. They explored when and by whom the Tallit is worn and the materials required for its making, noting historical changes. Then, with assistance from Alumni parent Elizabeth Ehrlich, students created their own Tallit, choosing the fabric for their Tallit as well as  their atarah, the neckpiece which now contains a prayer meaningful to that student. One recent chilly winter evening, students and their parents worked together to carefully tie the tzitzit, fostering a deep connection to their Jewish identity. This is one of those Schechter milestones that sticks with our students for decades to come!

Click HERE to see photos of the Tallit-making process.

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