Schechter Shavua: Day 1 of Distance Learning- March 16, 2020 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: Day 1 of Distance Learning- March 16, 2020

Schechter Demonstrates Innovative Learning for Preschool through Middle School in the Age of Covid-19 Closures

ily ready to learn 600 pixels.jpgSchechter’s cutting-edge learning was in full view today as we began Day 1 of distance learning due to the Covid-19 virus. Students from all grades - from Early Childhood through 8th grade - were engaged in learning through developmentally appropriate activities. Students aged 2, 3, and 4 began the day with morning meeting with Morah Robin, a great way to help them feel settled in their daily routine. They learned about patterns and had story time! Elementary school students followed writing prompts, had tefillah, and more, completing work both live online and through platforms such as SeeSaw that allow for video interaction.

Middle school students also maintained a busy schedule of all their classes, enabling them to speak to each other live in Hebrew and Spanish and all their other subjects. Math teacher Mona Teitelbaum described the scene from her class, “This was only our first day navigating math class using a combination of voice, video and chat but it went better than I could possibly have imagined. Students were working, asking questions, and photographing their work to email it to me. They were patient with me and patient with each other just as they are in class.” She continued, “They are a joy to work with every day but I am particularly aware of it under these unusual circumstances.”

Equally important in this learning process was the fact that the elementary and middle school students were able to interact with each other, providing them with essential “social” time during this period of “social distancing.”

Click HERE to view photos of the learning from Day 1… we can’t wait to see the ways in which our students keep growing, learning, and staying connected!


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