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Schechter Shavua: October 21, 2022

Hands-on Understanding of the Water Cycle

6-7 science collage- smaller.pngAs part of their investigation into the water cycle, students in 6th and 7th grade science class constructed models of landforms found in national parks, such as cliffs, mountains, and caves. They used these constructions to model how water flows over these landforms, forming reservoirs such as rivers and lakes. 

Students noted the direction water flowed and compared the results to their predictions. They shared their results and described advantages and limitations of their models. Most students predicted that water that was sprayed on the landform would flow down to the lowest point, forming a reservoir. Some students found that reservoirs formed in surprising places, and they discussed the limitations of their models to explain those unexpected results.

Since conducting this lab, students have learned about infiltration, evaporation, and condensation/precipitation as processes by which water moves between reservoirs.

A Special Sukkah Dedication

silver collage- smaller.pngOn a recent sun-filled October morning, Schechter dedicated a beautiful new sustainable sukkah donated by the Silver Family in loving memory of Joshua Allon Silver z”l. Attendees gathered in the sukkah to hear heartfelt words about Joshua’s life from Rabbi Jim Rosen, Rabbi Yoni Berger, and Nancy Rosen (his former kindergarten teacher). Joshua’s parents, Hilary and David, also spoke of their gratitude for the support they received from the Schechter community both during their time of loss as well as during this moving commemoration. 

Pictured left to right: David, Hilary, and Gabi Silver (Schechter class of 2013)

What’s the Buzz in Unified Arts?

unified arts fall collage- smaller.pngIn addition to General and Judaic Studies, the Unified Arts play an important part in our students’ learning and development. This week, three of our Unified Arts teachers share some of the fun ways they bring music, art, and physical education into their students’ lives. 

Music Helps Development in Early Childhood

In the fun-filled class of Rachel Rosenfeld (aka Ms. Rose), the Early Childhood students have been learning about the musical elements of tempo and dynamics. Students learn these concepts as they practice following directions, and they are perfecting playing fast and slow, and loudly and quietly. They use graphic and visual cues as a precursor to learning how music can be represented with notation. A favorite activity is “Bubbles and Bees,” when students play slowly with the floating bubbles, and quickly with the buzzing bees! EC students are also learning beats and rhythms with different instruments, first in a follow-the-leader pattern, and soon developing their own rhythms and volunteering to be the leader themselves! There are so many ways to have fun learning in music class! 

Art Makes Cultural Connections 

In addition to teaching art techniques, Liane Fisher helps students make connections to Jewish traditions and other cultures through art class. Earlier this fall, Kindergarten (Ilanot ) learned about primary colors and explored creating secondary colors; they also learned about patterns and symmetry. Anafim class (grades 1-2) learned about Paul Cezanne and created fruit bowl still life paintings. Alimclass (grades 3-4) created a color wheel sculpture for the classroom and made oil pastel sun/moon pictures using warm/cool colors. 

Liane then helped students make connections from those technical skills into Jewish art and that of other cultures. Classes helped create many sukkah decorations using images of fruits and vegetables, birds, and Judaic symbols for our brand new Silver Sukkah. Some students made decorations that mimicked the appearance of stained glass by coloring with sharpie on clear plastic. All grades are now starting a unit on Pakistani art, leading up to our One Book, One School Malala Project. Classes will be looking at patterns in textiles, ceramics, and wood and utilizing them in their class projects.

PE: A Fusion of Teamwork and Technique

In Coach Kee’s Physical Education classes, students are finishing up their lessons on teamwork and putting them to the test in a soccer unit. Middle school students (Nevatim , Perahim , and Amirim) have been practicing their footwork and dribbling skills as well as running drills to hone their passing and shooting techniques. A favorite defensive drill is a one-on-one paired match shooting into a tiny goal. The students can’t get enough of playing on the field in the sunshine and crisp autumn air!

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