Schechter Shavua: April 11, 2022 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: April 11, 2022

Connecting Aboriginal Art to Tikkun Olam in ArtStudio

aboriginal art- smaller.JPEG Rimonim (grades 2-3) students have begun their cultural art study in the ArtStudio. In this unit, the students learn and practice the traditional art of the indigenous people of Australia, known as Aboriginal Dot Art. The students learned about the use of symbols, color and pattern shared by the nomadic communities of the different peoples of Australia. As part of learning how culture can influence art, the students learned of the stories told in the Aboriginee culture passed down through generations, and found similarities and differences to compare to their own Jewish culture. In creating art in the style of Aboriginal Dot Art, the students chose an animal important to them that they would want to learn more about and protect. The Aboriginal culture reinforces the ideas of sustainability, balance, and harmony, much like how the concept of Tikkun Olam reflects the importance of caring for our world. This style of artwork lends itself to meditation and practice in fine skill, and the Rimonim students have become masters in creating beautiful patterned art to decorate the ArtStudio. 

Exploring the Diversity Among Jews throughout the World

ladino yiddish- smaller.jpg HabonimSpanish class (grades 6-7) has been taking a closer look at the terms Ashkenazi, Sephardi and Mizrahi as they explore different Jewish cultures and countries of origin. They pinpointed on a map where those 3 groups originated: Central and Eastern Europe, the Iberian Peninsula, and the Middle East/North Africa. They discussed that Yiddish and Ladino were the languages the Ashkenazi and Sephardi took with them and listened to Hatikva in Ladino. The stories about the expulsion of 800,000 Mizrahi Jews are less familiar to many. Students discussed the ways in which musicians are trying to revive Ladino and how in Israel there is a group of musicians returning to their Arabic Jewish roots and influencing pop music with their fusion of cultures. 

Click HERE to watch some of the music videos reflecting the diversity of influences and HERE to listen to Hatikva in Ladino.

Charoset Made to Order

chopping ella j- smaller.JPEG The two-year-olds in Dubonimmade their own charoset this week! Each child chopped an apple and placed the pieces in a cup. Then they sprinkled cinnamon, poured in a bit of grape juice, and… TADA… charoset! The best part was that they were able to eat it right after they made it. What a yummy morning treat!

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8th Grade Victorious Over Faculty

8th victory pose- smaller.JPEG On Wednesday, Schechter students showed their school spirit during the annual Bogrim (8th graders) vs. Faculty/Staff basketball game. Younger students made posters to cheer on the players. The Scorpions basketball team opened the event, demonstrating their shots prior to the game. The 4v4 game opened to deafening cheers as each team entered the gym to their theme song. There was tension at the tip-off when Anya faced up against veteran Faculty player Rabbi Chatinover. Bogrim quickly gained possession; although the Faculty put up a great fight and had the lead at one point, the 8th graders dominated and won the game! Final score: 40-24. Kol Hakavod!

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