Schechter Shavua: October 7, 2022 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: October 7, 2022

Alim (3rd-4th) and Nevatim (5th-6th) Students Receive Special Humashim

presenting chumash to benny- smaller.JPEG A new tradition has started at Schechter to mark a special milestone in our students’ education. Thanks to a generous gift from Brooke and Dr. Ronen Elefant, our 3rd-6th graders received special new volumes of books of the Torah! The hardcover h umashim include Hebrew, an English translation, selections of classical commentaries, and deep open questions designed to provoke thought and conversations. After a beautiful shacharitservice led by the students, members of Alim (3rd-4th grades) were given the book of Bereishit (Genesis), and students in Nevatim (5th-6th grades) received both Bereishit and Shemot(Exodus). The students’ love of Torah was palpable; they couldn’t contain their excitement as they flipped the pages upon receiving their texts. The Elefants’ generous gift in memory of Ronen’s father will enable Schechter to give these books for years to come.

Click HERE to see photos from the H umashPresentation.

Card Sharks in Math Class

order of operations- smaller.jpgIn fifth grade math, students are learning the Order of Operations (you remember that age-old mnemonic device used to remember PEMDAS, "please excuse my dear Aunt Sally"). As a fun way to engage with the content, each student created their own equation for their classmates to solve. Students received four playing cards which served as the numbers they had to use. Then, taking turns, each student had to create an equation using a combination of parentheses, exponents, multiplication and division, and/or addition and subtraction, which the rest of the class then solved. Both Vanessa and the students had a lot of fun trying to solve all the problems!

Students are Rolling in Dough

challah MS collage- smaller.pngThroughout the year, our Middle School students will vary their Friday morning activities. Instead of going to ReLiSh, the students will have alternative hands-on activities to help them celebrate Shabbat or holidays. Recently, students had a fun challah-making lesson with Sarah Montag in which they first discussed the symbolism and the mitzvah of the challah before rolling up their sleeves and digging into the dough. 

Different teachers will lead other sessions like these throughout the year, including Israeli cooking and a Chanukah-themed activity. Stay tuned to hear more about these programs as they occur!

Students Find Meaning in Tashlich

7-8 hebrew group tashlich- smaller.JPEG We had glorious weather after Rosh Hashanah when students celebrated the ritual of Tashlich . Each class visited the nearby pond to have age-appropriate conversations about making apologies, asking forgiveness, and trying to be a better person before symbolically tossing their sins into the water. G’mar hatimah tovah.

Click HERE to see photos from Tashlich.

TzaharonEnd Times are Changing

5 o'clock - smaller.pngWith the days growing shorter, Shabbat continues to begin earlier. Tzaharon/Aftercare must close prior to Shabbat Candle Lighting each week. Therefore, starting this Friday, we will adapt to the new schedule for Friday closing times:
10.7.2022:   Tzaharon/Aftercare ends at 5pm
10.14.2022:   Tzaharon/Aftercare ends at 5pm
10.21.2022:   Tzaharon/Aftercare ends at 5pm
10.28.2022:   Tzaharon/Aftercare ends at 5pm
11.4.2022:   Tzaharon/Aftercare ends at 5pm
With the  clocks "Falling" back on Sunday morning 11.6.2022, we will then close Tzaharon/Aftercare on Fridays at 3:30 pm through Friday, 3.10.2023.

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