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Schechter Shavua: September 20, 2021

Tashlich: It’s Not Just about Feeding the Ducks 

tashlich- smaller.JPEG Holidays and practices are observed in age-appropriate ways throughout Schechter. Take tashlich, for example. Before heading to a nearby pond for tashlich, our youngest students read stories and discussed the importance of saying, “I’m sorry” or “slicha,” while slightly older students wrote their apologies on rice paper that is safe for fish and fowl to consume. Students in Gesher (grades 4-5) and Middle School are at a different developmental level; they better understand the significance of Yom Kippur and can reflect in deeper ways. Check out our VIDEO of Gesher students reciting the personal reflections they wrote for tashlich.

Schechter Parent Association Strives to Enrich our Community 

PA collage- smaller.pngThe Schechter Parent Association (PA) is looking forward to a fantastic year, especially after Covid restricted their ability to organize social gatherings. The PA is such a vital part of  Schechter that we want to shout from the rooftops about the tremendous things they do! 

What is the Schechter PA?

The PA’s main purpose is to help build and enrich the Schechter community (kehillah) in a variety of ways including:

  • Helping sponsor opening RELISH
  • Providing challahs each week to the classrooms
  • Buying Schechter shirts for all students and teachers
  • Giving honey jars to all families at Rosh Hashanah
  • Purchasing a fantastic new sound system to enrich community during outdoor RELISH and other programs
  • Looking after our families and providing help through the Chesed Committee
  • Organizing and staffing a schoolwide Book Fair
  • Mishloach Manot annual fundraiser  
  • Coordinating Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Planning Schechter’s annual End-of-Year Picnic

What are Chesed and Mishloach Manot?

The PA’s Chesed Committee is designed to support families in any ways that might be needed, including offering rides, emotional support, meals, and groceries. The Chesed Committee can spring into action during the time of a birth or death in the family, illness, or any other time of need. If you have a need, please get in touch with Karen Tuvin at, or contact your room parent so that the PA will help mobilize volunteers to support you.

Mishloach Manot is the PA’s only fundraiser of the year, occurring before/during Purim. Families can “send” their Purim greetings to other families, faculty and staff, and many members of the Greater Hartford Jewish community along with a fantastic bag or basket of specially selected festive goodies. By supporting this fundraiser, you help the PA provide so many services to the school and to our Schechter community.

Who makes up the Schechter PA?

Our amazing PA has been spearheaded for many years by Karen Tuvin , parent of three Schechter students in Gesher (grades 4-5) and Habonim (grades 6-7). Karen is thrilled that Rachel Glantz will be joining her as co-President this year; eventually Rachel will take over as PA president. As the parent of two younger Schechter students in Tsiporim (K-1) and Sh’kedim(EC3-4), Rachel is well-connected to what the families of younger kids need.

A group of dedicated room parents will be assisting Karen and Rachel this year on behalf of the PA, organizing WhatsApp groups by class to foster communication among parents and to encourage families to attend future events.

ALL Schechter parents are encouraged to join the PA! Simply contact Karen or Rachel through the PA email account:

Looking ahead:

Karen reported that there was a great turnout of enthusiastic parents at the first PA Zoom meeting of the year. Many parents have shared with her that they would love in-person events when that becomes possible again. The PA organizers are working in concert with Schechter’s Pandemic Response Committee to determine how to best accomplish this. In addition to working on the “usual” PA favorites, the PA plans to focus this year on parent education and community-building events, including events geared towards families with younger children. If the PRC determines that it isn’t safe enough to meet in person, they will plan for spring!

Want to get involved? Contact the PA HERE.

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