Schechter Shavua: November 2, 2020 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: November 2, 2020

Early Childhood Digs Deep into Science!

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In September, Early Childhood classes planted potatoes in big felt containers in their garden outdoor space. As each of the EC classes waters and tends to them, the potatoes are flourishing in the garden space! Due to the colder weather, the potatoes have been moved inside and are now flourishing in Schechter’s “greenhouse” (aka the front lobby.) Each class will continue to visit and water the potatoes until they are harvested to make latkes for Hanukah.


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The Dubonimclass (age 2) is examining the changes that occur through the process of decomposition. Inside their classroom is a jar filled with gourds that have started to rot. Students watch the rotten spots grow and observe as white “hair” appears. This experiment began when the students noticed the appearance of rotten spots on their classroom decorative gourds. They were so worried about the gourds that they wanted to wipe off the darkening spots with tissues!

Is it Science or Art? Or Both!

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The children in the Sh'kedim class (EC3-4) have been intrigued with the falling leaves this Autumn. To further explore the children's interests, we conducted an experiment to demonstrate the concept of transpiration, using romaine lettuce leaves and food coloring to demonstrate how leaves/plants absorb water. At the start, we asked the children to predict the outcome of the experiment. Each day the children observed and documented the changes to the romaine leaves in the science center of the classroom. The class was elated to discover that their predictions were correct, and indeed the colored water was absorbed through the "tiny straws" inside the lettuce leaves to change color. The children also made an incredible connection... that the outcome of this experiment was very similar to the leaves outside on the trees changing color. This experiment was a tremendous success! It was great fun to engage in scientific inquiry and discovery for our youngest scientists!

T’marim's Heads are in the Clouds

T'marim cloud in a vase- smaller.JPG
T’marimclass (EC3-4) is helping students connect science to Judaic Studies! After hearing and discussing the story of creation, the children observed what happens when rain falls from the clouds. During their “Cloud in a Vase” experiment, students observed up close how clouds (shaving cream) float in the sky (water) and rain (food coloring) falls through the sky. The students described their observations and made real world connections to what they saw: “The blue was going down. Even the green was going down.” “It’s like rain. And this blue came down. It looks like raindrops.” “The rain is going all the way to the bottom right here.  Like a storm. And me and my brother and my mom went out in the thunderstorm.”


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SHORT FRIDAYS start this week!

Friday pickup will be at 2:30pm

Extended Day will end at 3:30pm

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