Schechter Shavua: March 22, 2022 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: March 22, 2022

A Close Look at Women’s History

eliana trail of tears - smaller.JPEG As part of Women’s History Month, Bogrimstudents (grade 8) have been examining the Trail of Tears. Recently they delved into Catharine Beecher's Campaign Against Indian Removal. Students read the circular she wrote to better understand some of the obstacles to political involvement that women faced at this time. Beecher's circular was the first time that women spoke out against a federal policy. The discussion also centered around the complexity of human beings. While Ms. Beecher's voice was adamant about the ill-treatment of the Cherokee people and some believe was the start of including women's voices in political discussion, Ms. Beecher believed that a woman's main role was in the home, and she was not in favor of giving women the right to vote, nor would she give her voice to the cause of abolition - she favored colonizing formerly enslaved people back to the African continent. 

Sh’kedim Students Create their Own Megillahs

purim collage- smaller.png The Sh'kedim class (EC3-4) has been incredibly engaged learning about the Purim story in preparation for the schoolwide Purim celebration. The children learned that the story is written on a scroll called a Megillah , which is read every year on Purim... and looks a lot like the Torah. They examined a variety of Megillot and compared the similarities and differences. As the children discussed the Purim story, they shared their favorite characters and moments. Using shapes cut out of colored construction paper, glue sticks, markers and butcher block paper, the children each created their own personal Megillahexpressing the moment of the Purim story which was most meaningful to them. Many of the children chose to depict scenes at the King’s palace with his new Queen Esther or Haman wearing a triangle hat demanding that the Jewish people bow down to him. 

For pictures of this and so much more Purim fun, look at our album HERE

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