Schechter Shavua: May 3, 2021 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: May 3, 2021

A Research Project Close to Rimonim’s Heart

Rimonim special person collage- smaller.pngRimonim has spent the past couple of weeks working on their Special Person Projects. Each student chose a person from their family to conduct an interview with in order to write a biography about their life. Students asked questions like, "What was your favorite memory growing up? What was your favorite kind of technology? What advice do you have for me?" 

After collecting all of this information, the students transferred their research onto index cards. Students then organized the index cards into subcategories based on different periods in their person's life. Using these index cards, they practiced writing paragraphs with topic sentences and conclusion sentences. After editing their first draft, the students worked on a second draft with pictures, captions, a glossary, and a dedication page. 

Due to the pandemic, there was no way to gather in person, so the celebration was held virtually  with the special people with their family members or on Zoom. The students watched a pre-recorded presentation about their projects, shared their thanks to their special person and then had the rest of the night to share their books and celebrate. The students really enjoyed learning so much about their people and developing the foundations for researching and writing.

EC3-4 Students Welcome Shabbat in their Own Way

asher shabbat box- smaller.jpg Over the last several months the children in the Sh’kedim and T’marim classes (EC3-4) have been creating their own personalized Shabbat boxes, complete with beautifully crafted candle sticks, a challah cover, and a kiddush cup. The Shabbat Box project was inspired by a story of the same name. In addition to creating their own ritual objects, students also wrote a story about their favorite part of Shabbat. The children were very excited to bring these boxes home and use their specially created items at sundown for Shabbat! Robin Werner, Sh’kedim teacher and Early Childhood Coordinator, said she hopes that these shabbat boxes “bring a special sparkle” into the students’ homes for many Shabbat evenings. Parent Natalie Schwartz said, “This is such a sweet project that we will cherish for a long time.”
Many thanks to the parents who sent in pictures of their children using their Shabbat Boxes!

Field Day Fun in Class-Based Pods

Field day collage- smaller.pngSince being outdoors is one of the safest places during the pandemic, we were excited to continue our Field Day tradition this year. Classes moved throughout different activities in pods to maintain our safety measures. It was a great day for physical fitness, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and fun! Thanks to Coach Schulz for organizing a fantastic day!

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