Schechter Shavua: October 19, 2020 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: October 19, 2020

Practicing Tzedakah and Lev Tov… One Sandwich at a Time!

MS day of service collage- smaller.png

Middle School students continued their lovely tradition of a Day of Service, typically held on the day before Shemini Atzeret . They rotated through a variety of activities designed to help different people in need. Students created cards for Holocaust survivors who are shut-in, hand-stitched pillows, which, when completed, will be given to residents of a nursing home, prepared more than 90 PB+J sandwiches which were given to visitors of the South Park Inn shelter, and created fun and thoughtfully-decorated name signs for our Early Childhood students. As an extension of their day of service, students will also be sending Get out the Vote cards to Schechter families as part of their unit on elections. It was truly a reflection of Schechter’s Core Value of Lev Tov (Good Heart)! Kol Hakavod , Rogow Middle School! Check out more photos HERE.

A Joyous Simchat Torah Together (Separately)

simchat torah hands closeup- smaller.png

When the school could not safely come together as one cohesive group to dance for Simchat Torah , we got creative! Each class gathered in their own outdoor space at a designated time, then danced with a sifrei torah “together” as one song blared over the loud speakers. Some classes could observe each other dancing from afar, and a sense of community really came through. Later, our Director of Teaching and Learning, Sarah Montag, visited the classes to give them the opportunity to have an aliyah and hear the chanting of the end of one torah and the beginning of B’reishit in another torah. Click HERE for a glimpse of this joyous celebration!

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