Schechter Shavua: January 18, 2021 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: January 18, 2021

Expressing Humor and Emotions in Spanish: Schechter’s Third Language Experience

Bogrim Spanish skit- smaller.pngHabonim (grades 6-7) wrote and performed a class skit in which an adult and student from Schechter welcome an adult and student visiting our school and invite them to join them at RELISH. In the skit, they demonstrated their ability to incorporate different uses of the verb “ser” (to be) to express identity, origin, profession, religion, relationship between people, possession, time, date, quantity, location of the event and descriptive adjectives. 

Bogrim students (grade 8) got creative with both technology and their Spanish oral and written skills to perform a humorous dialogue demonstrating proficiency in describing locations, emotions, and feelings. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, they find a way to keep everyone actively engaged and involved in the learning process.

Understanding History from Multiple Perspectives

boston massacre anya- smaller.JPG After learning about the Boston Massacre, the Patriots, and the Loyalists, Habonim students (grades 6-7) placed themselves in the center of the action. In small groups, they wrote up a mock police report, presenting the events from the viewpoint of one side. Later, they compared their reports to see how the perspectives differed and they learned some interesting things! Many students reflected upon the ways that the Boston Massacre applies to current events. Here are some of their responses:
“It feels frustrating to hear two sides stating different things and not knowing the answer, yet it is quite astonishing how the stories can be so different yet can both be true. I think this can teach us that we have to pay close attention to what is happening and make sure to accept both sides of the story before making a choice. I think this is important now because with an event so recent and new information arriving constantly we can't make our choice too early.”
“I thought that learning from two points of view was cool because we got to see how one-sided  people can be. For example, they will say one thing and stick with it no matter what. I think this lesson relates to what happened at the Capitol because everyone thinks they are right and everyone  else is wrong.”
“I can make a connection between the British point of view and what happened at the Capitol last week. The Patriots were standing outside the Customs House and attacking it, while at the Capitol the Trump supporters were attacking it both inside and outside….The police at the capital weren't prepared and the British soldiers weren't prepared.”
“I think that learning both points of view of the Boston Massacre is important because it lets you see both sides of what happened. You don't just come to a conclusion about what happened right away.”

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Purim is Just Around the (Three) Corners!!

mishloach manot bag- smaller.JPG Our Purim 2021 Mishloach Manot campaign has begun! Please check your email for your unique login information to participate in the school-wide Mishloach Manot campaign. We will also be recruiting volunteers for packing the mishloach manot baskets on Sunday morning February 21 and drivers to deliver the baskets to community members. If you are interested in volunteering this year, or if you have any questions, please contact Rachel Glantz at Thank you!

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