Schechter Shavua: April 12, 2021 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: April 12, 2021

Investigating Particle Motion

habonim science- smaller.jpg Our middle school students love the inquiry and investigation involved in science labs! This week, students studied the speed of particle motion at a variety of temperatures. To prepare for their lab, Habonimstudents (grades 6-7) studied thermal and kinetic energy,  learning that the thermal energy of an object is the sum of the kinetic energy of all of the particles it is made up of. The higher the speed of the particles, the higher their kinetic energy. To see how this plays out in real life, students added food coloring to both hot and cold water to observe the rate and ways in which the food coloring spreads, depending on the water temperature. Students observed that the coloring spread more quickly in hot water than in cold water, demonstrating that particle motion is faster at higher temperatures.

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Gesher is Hit by Natural Disasters

earthquake ring of fire- smaller.pngHurricanes! Tsunamis! Tornadoes! The Gesher students (grades 4-5) have been researching these natural disasters and more as part of a non-fiction reading unit. Students worked in groups, dividing up roles to learn about different subtopics within their larger topic, then sharing that information with their group members. The groups synthesized all of the research to create a visual presentation for the class to showcase and share their learning. 

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Exploring Springtime through Art

joe tree drawing- smaller.JPG The T'marimstudents (EC3-4) have been exploring spring! The children recently noticed that the special tree outside their classroom which they have observed all year now features beautiful white flowers. The students each drew a still life using black paper and oil pastels. They worked on drawing what they saw, paying attention to details. Everyone saw the same tree, but they each represented it in a different way. The class has been observing the tree throughout the seasons. 

Remembering Not to Forget

tree with butterflies and candle- smaller.JPEG Gesher(grades 4-5) commemorated Yom Hashoah with a series of discussions and activities leading up to a moving outdoor memorial service. Judaic Studies teacher Limor Shefer set the tone by reading “Remember Not to Forget: A Memory of the Holocaust,” by Norman H. Finkelstein. The story especially resonated with the students because it is written by the grandfather of one of their classmates. The class discussed Anne Frank, listened to the song “The Last Butterfly,” and then created their own butterflies decorated with quotes reflecting the importance of kindness. Finally, the class moved outside for a commemoration ceremony, lighting a yahrzeit candle and sharing their kindness quotes with their peers before standing for a moment of silence. “It was an emotional day, very meaningful to the students,” Limor noted.

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