Schechter Shavua: November 15, 2021 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: November 15, 2021

Powerful Questions Fuel Rabbi Berger’s Rosh Chodesh Visit

gesher rosh chodesh collage- smaller.png Torah study, like all learning, is best when it starts with powerful, personal questions. At Schechter, we don't aim to give our students all the answers -- we want to teach them to ask good questions. Rabbi Berger did just that recently when he returned to Gesher (grades 4-5) for his monthly Rosh Chodesh visit. He sang songs with the students (including the fun Shalom Aleikhem ), practiced kiddush, and answered their questions about the parashah. He can't wait to come back next month!

Commemorating Veteran’s Day through the Eyes of a Pilot

david klau presentation- smaller.JPG Students from grades 4-8 were riveted on Wednesday as they listened to a Veteran’s Day presentation from David Klau, a member of the Greater Hartford Jewish community who served in the United States Air Force. Klau trained in the United States but served in Iceland for a year. Students learned that Iceland was an important country during the cold war because the U.S. was keeping a close eye on Russia. Over his years as a pilot, Klau experienced the transition from propeller planes to the jet engines we know today. We are so appreciative that Mr. Klau shared these experiences with our students and faculty!

Diving Into Reading and Character Analysis

asher thierman reading- smaller.JPG The Rimonimstudents (grades 2-3) are deep into a reading unit on character study. The students work in groups with their classmates, focusing on the skills needed to have deep conversations; they share their opinions and listen to their friends in a collaborative group experience. The discussions focus on characters' feelings, relationships between characters, and lessons that the characters learn. The Rimonim readers love putting themselves in their characters' shoes and thinking about what they would do if they were in their characters' situations.

Click HERE for more photos of our Rimonim readers.

Join us for an Outdoor Chanukah Celebration! 

Latkes and RELISH 2021- smaller.png


















Join us for Latkes and Relish at Schechter on Sunday, December 5th from 10:30am-12pm. Prepare to bundle up and dance to stay warm! This event is free and open to the community.... bring your friends and family members! 

Registration is required HERE.


If you've got questions about the Latkes and RELISH program, please contact Karen at

Help Us Introduce Schechter to Prospective Families!

Open House- 5 photos- smaller.png Join us for an Open House on Tuesday, December 14, 2021 @ 7:30 pm ! See our hands-on Reggio-inspired Early Childhood. Learn about our active, personalized K-8 learning. Put your child on a path of Jewish discovery and growth. Tour our stimulating classrooms and meet our engaging faculty.



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