Schechter Shavua: September 14, 2020 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: September 14, 2020

#SchechterPride in…

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...Schechter graduates Alyssa Temkin (2019), Brady Dulitsky (2018), and Aaron Rotter (2017) for joining the Friendship Circle Teen Leadership Board! As members of the board, they will plan volunteer training sessions, provide special needs awareness workshops, brainstorm ideas, critique past events, and help spread the good word of Friendship Circle around town. We’re proud of the ways that Schechter grads consistently use their Schechter Core Values of Lev Tov (Good Heart), Klal Yisrael (Community), and Chochma (Wisdom) as leaders in the community!

Gesher Does the “Stop and Jot”

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Gesher students (grades 4-5) are doing the “Stop and Jot!” No, it isn't a new dance move…it is an analytical technique that Mrs. Spector has introduced to her class. Students read intensively, then stop periodically to write down their thoughts or questions about what they have been reading. Hooray for Critical Thinking! Plus, it’s fun to jot down thoughts on colorful post-it notes!

Schechter Starts the Year with Lev Tov

This week we kicked off the new school year with some Lev Tov for Good Deeds Day in collaboration with the Kosher Food Pantry! Students discussed why we have apples and honey for the new year. They also spoke about hunger and the importance of tzedakah, then students wrote messages and drew pictures for patrons of the Kosher Food Pantry with wishes for a sweet new year. The cards and honey sticks will be distributed to people who visit the Kosher Food Pantry. Stay tuned for information about our upcoming Yom Kippur food collection drive!

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Do you miss getting a personal glimpse into Schechter's inspiring, fun classrooms? You can always find more photos on our Facebook page! You'll see budding challah bakers , our students who love to read , Parparim kindergarten students beginning to write in Hebrew, and so much more!

Schechter Parent: VOH Honoree

Yasher Kochech to Gayle Temkin , a Schechter parent and board member, for receiving the Voices of Hope L'Dor va Dor Award! To join in this special evening, register here:

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