Schechter Shavua: March 14, 2022 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: March 14, 2022

Gaining a Deeper Understanding of the Revolutionary War

gesher revolutionary war- smaller.JPEG As part of their lessons about American History, the Gesherstudents (grades 4-5) have been learning about the different events that led up to the Revolutionary War and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. To bring life to these lessons, Gesher and Habonim students participated in a tug of war activity which represented the events of the Revolutionary War from beginning to end. There were three teams: red, representing the British, blue, representing the colonists, and white, representing the allies to the colonists. As the students participated in this activity, they made connections to events and circumstances of the American Revolution (colonists being outnumbered, how resources affected the outcome, and how allies could help tip the scale) and related their feelings to how the British and colonists might have felt during the war. 

Viewing Masks in a Whole New Light

rimonim masks.JPEG We’ve all had our fill of the debate over masks: cloth vs. surgical vs. N95 vs. mask-free! But Rimonimstudents (grades 2-3) are looking at masks in a whole new way. To prepare for Purim, they have been investigating the history of masks, like where and when they were first used. They found the oldest mask in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem and learned about the ways in which other cultures have used masks. Next, students created their own very special masks made primarily from recycled materials. Imaginations soared and the air was filled with joyous Purim cheer as students created their masterpieces.

For more photos of the masks, click HERE

Rabbi Bekah Shares the Joy of Purim with Sh’kedim

bekah g reading- smaller.JPEG The Sh’kedim students (EC3-4) welcomed a special guest to the classroom to share Purim activities and teach about the holiday. Rabbi Bekah Goldman of the FVJC (Farmington Valley Jewish Congregation), who happens to be Gracen’s Imma , read Queen Vashti's Comfy Pants by Leah Rachel Berkowitzan, and led the students in singing Purim songs as they marched joyfully around the classroom. It was a beautiful way for students to connect to the holiday. Todah rabah Rabbi Bekah! 

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