Schechter Shavua: November 23, 2020 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: November 23, 2020

Music Tech Class Applies Cutting-Edge Technology to Music Composition

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Bogrim is piloting an exciting new unit in Music Tech Studio called "Analog vs. Digital." This unit is designed to introduce students to recording and play back techniques in both analog and digital format. Through hands-on learning, students will explore the advantages and disadvantages of analog and digital recording and playback. For example, students may use a high quality analog microphone to record their voice or instrument, and then use a digital audio workstation to edit their work. Through their work, students will understand that while analog signals sometimes offer a more authentic representation of sound, digital processing allows for much faster and non-destructive editing techniques in the post-recording studio. The ultimate purpose of this unit is to acclimate students to the current industry standards and practices of musical production.

Exploring the FUNdamentals of the Ukulele

ukelele collage- smaller.pngGesherstudents have embarked on a new musical journey this year as they begin exploring the ukulele together! Thanks to a generous donation from Bob and Frankie Goldfarb, Schechter was able to purchase ukuleles for Gesher to use to enhance their music learning and their music making! They will learn how to tune their own instrument, how to play some short melodies, and how to play at least 4 different chords that they can use to play lots of songs! Stay "tuned" for more ukulele updates as the unit progresses and the Gesher students continue to practice!
Students have also been learning the importance of instrument etiquette; they created a social contract to address the best ways to treat their instruments, their peers, and, most importantly, how to treat themselves when learning a new skill. Students will learn the importance of practice and patience along the way. They will have the opportunity to perform individually and in an ensemble as they progress!

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