Schechter Shavua: January 17, 2022 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: January 17, 2022

Learning from Collisions

gesher collision collage- smaller.png The engaging and hands-on science lessons continue in Gesher(grades 4-5)! Recently, students have investigated the concepts of energy and motion, specifically how energy is transferred by colliding objects. Using a zip line and zip straws, some paper clips and a few other objects, students made predictions and performed tests involving constants and variables. They recorded their observations… and they had a great time!

Click HEREfor a quick collision video.

These are a Few of Their Favorite Things…

natalie playdough branches- smaller.JPEG The T’marim students (EC3-4) have combined three of their favorite things (cooking, nature, and art) into one great creative activity! It's the perfect time of year to head outside and be inspired by the winter trees, especially with Tu Bishvat around the corner. Using playdough that they made from scratch, students developed fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination as they pinched, hooked, and layered the dough and other art materials into trees glistening in the winter snow. They added some wooden people, beads, cotton balls, and small erasers to create their winter nature scene.

Enjoying the Fruits (or Vegetables) of their Labor

potato- smaller.JPEG After months of tending to their potato plants, the Parparim and Tsiporim students (grades K-1) had a chance to harvest the fruits of their labor.The act of planting and harvesting the potatoes connected to their study of living things and with today’s holiday of Tu Bishvat. The excitement was palpable last week as the students dug through the dirt to discover the tiny treasured potatoes. After deciding that they would like to make french fries out of the potatoes, students helped cut the potatoes and add the other ingredients for their yummy snack. Being engaged in the process from beginning (planting and watering) to end (monitoring the plants’ growth and harvesting to eating the results) was tremendously rewarding. One student commented, "They’re not what I expected, but they’re still good!" Several others exclaimed that they want to make these fries at home... so get your potatoes ready!

Click HERE to view photos of their hands-on experiences.

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