Schechter Shavua: December 7, 2020 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: December 7, 2020

Art Studio Brings Culture, Color, and Connections

Ivri art- smaller.JPG Rimonimrecently completed a unit on Mexican Folk Art in the Art Studio. Their first project involved learning about Teotihuacan and the Aztecs of Ancient Mexico and their representations of the Sun and the Moon in Art. Using this theme in addition to the colors, patterns, and shapes that represent the opposing forces, the students created artworks portraying the opposing but balanced force of the Sun and Moon as depicted in Aztec art. The next project focused on the weaving patterns of the Zapotec; students replicated intricate designs and patterns on wooden sticks to create a bold, patterned sculpture without having to weave any wool! 

Finally, Rimonim students explored the celebration of Dia de Los Muertos, working on large scale sugar skulls that are a signature mark of the celebration on November 1st and 2nd. The students learned about the traditional colors, foods, celebrations, and dress for this celebration of life and remembering those who have passed. The students also explored creating an offrenda, or offering table, that families build for the holiday to share memories and favorite items of those they miss. On their final catch-up day (aka "ketchup" day) to complete their projects, students viewed the film “Coco” to see many of the traditional Mexican celebrations they learned about.

Parparimhas been exploring different artists in the genre of COLLAGE. The most recent art project explored Eric Carle's style of collage. He creates his own paper using paint, tissue paper, and varying patterns and textures to then turn this paper into cut pieces and shapes for his collage of characters and scenery in his picture books. Parparim has been practicing his style of making paper to create their own collage characters inspired by Eric Carle!

Click HERE for photos from the Art Studio

Makerspace Combines Technology, Science, Art... and FUN!

michaela tia laughing- smaller.JPG In Makerspace, Rimonim (grades 2-3), Gesher (grades 4-5), and Habonim (grades 6-7) students  are making their own short films with stop motion animation. They are designing sets, creating characters, becoming actors, and planning plots to make their stories come to life. Each class also worked collaboratively to make  a team animation that represents their entire class. Students enjoyed wrapping up with a movie day to watch each other's animations. Click to see Gesher’s team animation!

And the exploration continues in Makerspace! In another unit, Gesher students recently discovered how electricity flows by completing a series of challenges with batteries, light bulbs, motors, and switches. Soon, they will engineer models of places and inventions using their combined knowledge of electricity! Spark your imagination with these photos!

Schechter's Core Values in Action on Giving Tuesday

orla PB- smaller.JPG One of our favorite days at Schechter is #GivingTuesday, a time when we practice our core values of Lev Tov (Good Heart) and Klal Yisrael (Community) by doing things to help those in need. This year, students and faculty:

- Packed more than 1,000 toiletry tote bags for the organization Dignity Grows
- Made over 40 lunch bags and homemade cookies
- Filled 17 Shabbat packages with candles, challah, juice, and thoughtful cards
- Baked 5 trays of blondies
- Decorated countless door hangers and picture frames
- Wrote and decorated tons of cards to go to all different recipients 
We are filled with #schechterpride that even our youngest students understand the importance of helping others. Overheard in the T’marim (EC3-4) class: “we are making this for people who do not have families. We are being kind.”

To see many photos of students engaged in these core values, click HERE.

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