Schechter Shavua: November 16, 2020 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: November 16, 2020

Character Analysis in 3-D

Rimonim book projects collage- smaller.pngRimonimstudents (grades 2-3) have been delving into the characters in their favorite books. Part of learning the importance of characters involves getting to know the characters’ problems and how to solve them. Students understand cause and effect, noting how a character's actions can make other things happen. Students have analyzed the positive and negative relationships that the characters have in their stories. They also learned about the lessons that the characters learned and how those lessons can relate to their own lives. 

As a final project, students chose a character to analyze; they reflected upon that character’s relationships, problems, solutions, cause and effect, and the lessons they learned. Students compiled that information and glued it into 2 manila folders. Then the creativity began: they cut out heads, arms, and legs and colored them to match their character. These fantastic characters are now on display, where they can be “read” and enjoyed by other students and the faculty. For more photos, click HERE.

Celebrating World Kindness Day Reflects Our Core Value of Lev Tov

kindness collage- smaller.png All week, the T’marimclass (EC3-4) geared up for Friday’s World Kindness Day. They read stories and listened to songs about kindness and discussed what it means to be kind. The finale of their work for the week was making hearts: the children traced, cut, and collaged a construction paper heart on their own. When some children needed help, other children stepped up to assist them, demonstrating kindness in action. The children painted Kindness Rocks, which will be placed in the front hallway along with the garden. Lastly, students made a banner that said, “Be the ‘I’ in Kind;” they stood with their handmade heart, posing as the “I,” to remind each other and the world that we each have the ability to be kind. 
In Gesherclass (grades 4-5), students watched a short video about kindness, then put that knowledge into action! They created and decorated their own hearts with inspirational kindness quotes to be displayed at a visible place such as the window of their home or car. Maybe you’ll see a heart driving around town that will brighten your day!
It is clear that Kindness is “catching!” Rimonimclass (grades 2-3) was so inspired by their T’marim neighbors across the hallway that they adapted their favorite Friday activity - baking challah - to celebrate World Kindness Day. Michal asked the students to express kindness in their baking… and they came up with fantastic results!

Click HEREto see some photos.

Celebrating Schechter's New Mission Statement

New Mission Statement- smaller.png

Every 10 years, Schechter goes through a thorough re-accreditation process through the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools (CAIS). One of many opportunities presented by this process is a chance to come together as a community and think about our Mission Statement.
Last fall, we conducted three Mission Statement workshops, one with the Board of Trustees, one with faculty and staff, and one with parents. Everyone's voices, experiences and stories helped shape Schechter's new Mission Statement, which was approved by the Board in October.
We are proud and pleased to share Schechter's re-freshed Míssion Statement!

Mazal Tov to Andrea Kasper!

charter oak invitation - smaller.png

We are bursting with #SchechterPride for our Head of School, Andrea Kasper, as she officially receives the 2020 Vision Award presented by the Charter Oak Cultural Center. Please join the virtual ceremony on Monday, November 23 @ 7pm.

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