Schechter Shavua: June 7, 2022 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: June 7, 2022

Meaningful Milestones for Early Childhood 

EC culmination- smaller.JPEGEarly Childhood families attended the end of year Culmination/Moving Up Ceremony held last week in the EC outdoor classrooms. Families and faculty were thrilled to gather in person to celebrate the incredible children and their work! Families mingled as they viewed the children’s Reggio-inspired year-long project work, including Dubonim’s (EC2) exploration of sensory materials, Sh’kedim’s (EC3-4) architectural creations, and T’marim’s (EC3/4) investigative work focusing on nature and animals. Rabbi Bekah Goldman gathered the students under a tallit to receive a beautiful blessing. Children and their families enjoyed music and finger plays led by our wonderful music teacher Chrissy Whalen. Early Childhood teams emphasize the value of mitzvot; this year they collected tzedakah to plant a tree in Israel in honor of the 2021-22 EC and the first in person Culmination Ceremony in 2 years.

EC Director Robin Werner thanked families for entrusting Schechter to nurture and educate their beautiful children, adding, "they inspire us every day!"

Click HEREto see more photos from the Early Childhood Culmination.

Mystery Night Rates Five Stars

mystery night collage- smaller.png Rimonim(grades 2-3) recently celebrated Mystery Night, a program that demonstrates the students' understanding of mysteries through writing, reading, and video. Leading up to this moment, students read mysteries as a book club and filled out case files. They wrote their own mysteries, incorporating clues, suspects, and detectives. The students also collaborated on the creation of a mystery movie, developing the setting, problem, solution, clues, red herrings, characters, suspects, and who-done-it. Each person selected a role to play and put on a spectacular performance filled with suspense and humor. At the start of Mystery Night, students and their parents were greeted by a red carpet, paparazzi, and popcorn. Families enjoyed the film, then had the opportunity to get a close-up look at students’ writing, case files, and portfolios. It was a joyous way to conclude the year.

How Dissections Help Students Study Ecosystems

dissection lab- smaller.JPEG As part of their study of the Great Lakes' ecosystem, students in Habonim(grades 6-7) dissected a sea lamprey and a perch to see how their external and internal structures contribute to their functions as predator and prey. Comparing structures for breathing, eating, moving, and reproducing, students concluded that the sea lamprey could have a major impact as a predator in the Great lakes.

Click HEREto see more photos of Schechter scientists at work

8th Graders Poised for Healthy Habits in High School

jcc collage 8th- smaller.png On Friday, Bogrim8th graders had a special training session at the Mandell JCC, thanks to an anonymous contribution. They had a great workout with a personal trainer and learned how to use the different fitness equipment. One student noted that the best part was doing yoga and stretching— and Starbucks afterwards! The program helped show our graduates the importance, and fun, of taking care of their bodies; they are now ready to take those healthy habits to high school and beyond.

Celebrating Schechter Grads as they Finish High School

2018 with teachers- smaller.JPEGOne way of seeing the beauty of a Schechter education is to tour the building during the school day. In every classroom, you can see independent and collaborative learning, creativity, deep questions, and inspiring growth. Recently, we got to experience the impact of Schechter from a different lens: by welcoming back some of our alumni.

Guests at ReLiSh are normally local rabbis, hazzanim , or educators, but this past Friday, we welcomed three of our alumni from the Class of 2018: Harry Gold, Michael Weiss, and Jack Resnick. They talked about their most enduring memories from their time at Schechter, and the lessons they learned — and everything they shared felt inspiring. “I remember being at the Kotel on my 8th grade trip”; “I learned how important it is to be an inclusive community”; “Learning to read Torah—and getting to read in Israel.” We wish them luck next year — at Yale University, Indiana University, and spending a gap year in Israel — and we know they will carry their values, strong sense of themselves, love of Israel, and sense of community at college and beyond!

Kol Hakavod to the Schechter grads who are graduating high school this spring! Here’s what they’re up to next year…

Brady Dulitsky: Tulane University
Harry Gold: Yale
Marley Noll: Gap Year in Israel
Jack Resnick: Gap Year in Israel
Aaron Rotter: Clark University
Michael Weiss: Indiana University

Kol Hakavod to Lillian and her Crew Team!

lillian crew- smaller.JPG We love sharing stories of our students’ passions both at Schechter and beyond. Last weekend, Schecter 7th grader Lillianled the Riverfront Recapture Girls Under-16 8-seat crew boat as coxswain to win the US Rowing East Regional Youth Championships! The boat qualified for the US Rowing Youth National Championships in Sarasota, Florida to be held in June. The club has never sent a girls' boat or an 8-seat boat to this competition, so this was a special victory for Lillian and her team. We wish her all the best at Nationals!

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