Schechter Shavua: December 13, 2021 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: December 13, 2021

Using Authentic Israeli Culture to Learn Conversational Hebrew

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As the K-1 students in Parparim and Tsiporimstudy Hebrew language, they learn vocabulary they can relate to. Hebrew Department Head Anat Climor recently introduced a new unit called "My Body and Me" to teach the Hebrew words for different body parts. Students learn new Hebrew vocabulary and conversational sentence patterns to lay the necessary foundations for oral Hebrew, often focusing on games, stories, and artwork authentic to Israeli culture. They recently learned about Hanoch Piven, an artist who creates self-portraits made from different kinds of objects that demonstrate the person's personality. Each student selected items to create their self-portrait, then explained in Hebrew the names of the organs and the reason for selecting the items. Which vocab do you know?


heart — lev — לב
back — gav — גב
belly —  betten — בטן
eyes — einaim — עיניים
mouth — peh — פה
face — panim — פנים
ears — oznayim — אזניים
shoulders — ketefayim — כתפיים
nose — af — אף
mine — sheli — שלי
I have — yesh li — יש לי
I don’t have — ein li — אין לי
I am a boy/child — ani yeled — אני ילד
I am a girl/child — ani yaldah — אני ילדה
my body — hagoof sheli — הגוף שלי
my face — hapanim sheli — הפנים שלי

Which Commandment would you Take Off the List?

commandments- smaller.JPG What’s wrong with coveting something as long as we don’t steal it? Nobody really makes idols anymore, so why is that still a commandment? Habonim Judaic Studies students (grades 6-7),  immersed in a unit about the Ten Commandments, recently participated in a lively discussion about the topic. Their teacher, Roni Noyman, posed a series of questions including: 

  • If you could remove one of the commandments, what would it be?
  • Which commandment is the most relevant to your life and why?

In the coming days, students will select one of the commandments and conduct in-depth research for a presentation to the class in order to explain that commandment and why it is so important. They will find an artistic representation of their commandment to analyze and will discuss a historic and/or current event that is relevant to that commandment.

Learning and Fun Don’t Stop at 3:30pm! 

Tzaharon collage Dec.2021- smaller.png There’s a whole lot of fun happening after school in Tzaharon (Afterschool Care)! Led by Erica Bloch, Ashley Evelyn, Maya Zauberman , and Liane Fisher, students participate in a wide array of activities that stimulate their creativity and imaginations, build community, and burn off excess energy. Some of their favorite activities include: drawing, origami, playing outside, reading stories, eating snacks, building with blocks, and hugging the teachers. Sometimes, there’s even knitting! Jacob (Rimonim, grade 2) wanted to learn to knit, so Erica has been teaching him. He is now onto his third scarf and has put together a knitting kit in a lunch bag he carries to and from school!

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