Schechter Shavua: February 24, 2020 :: Solomon Schechter Day School

Schechter Shavua: February 24, 2020

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#SchechterPride in….

the many students, parents, siblings, and teachers who danced with enthusiasm and ruach at our Israeli Dance Festival! Special shout out to all who made the Israeli dance festival a success: to all the faculty and staff who came supported and danced, to teachers Limor, Adi, Sandra, Anat and Tamarah for helping students and staff learn all the dances. It was a great night of joy and community. More pictures of the Israeli Dance Festival HERE.

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Tu B-Shevat in Gesher Integrates Schechter's Core Values

In honor of Tu B'Shevat , the Gesher class used their creativity to integrate Hebrew and English in their artwork and to make a connection between the Jewish Holiday, Israel and Schechter's core value Lev Tov.

In class, each student created a tree collage that describes what a tree needs to grow and what trees provide for us. The students used Hebrew and English words and wrote the various words on their tree's leaves, such as Water - Mayim , Shemesh - Sun, Adamah- Soil, Helps to breathe, Keep species alive, fertilizer etc.

In the second center, the students created a tree out of a paper towel roll and pipe cleaners. On the leaves of the tree, they wrote words that describe kindness such as helping, caring, be kind, be friendly, be nice. They made a connection to our core value ofLev Tov.

In the third center, the students decorated a pot and even though they are not in Israel they fulfilled the mitzvah of planting by planting parsley.

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Parparim Reflects on Parashat Hashavua

In Parashat Hashavua, Parparim students learned about the giving of the 10 Commandments at Mt. Sinai.  After discussing each commandment and why God would consider it important, the students, noting that rules help us be safe and make the world a better place, added their own suggestions for good rules to follow:

  • Help people who are poor.
  • Use your manners.
  • Be fair with money.
  • No hitting.
  • Appreciate your mother and father.
  • Love the people that you have in your family.
  • No coloring on people.
  • No scratching people
  • Help people survive who are dying.
  • No kicking.
  • Be grateful that you're alive.
  • No biting.
  • No trying to hurt people. If it’s an accident, tell the truth.

We would do well to follow our students’ words of wisdom!

Schechter wishes Chuck and Robin Gold and their entire family a hearty mazal tov ! They celebrated the bar mitzvah of Eli(gr. 7/Habonim) last weekend.

Dates for Your Calendar: 

  • February 25: Friends of the IDF Program
  • March 3 and 4: Sh’kedim Class Wonders of Winter Project Culmination 8:30am-8:50am
  • March 4: Israel Night for Parents @ 7pm
  • March 6: EC joins RELISH
  • March 6: Last Friday 2:30 dismissal
  • March 8: Hamentashen and RELISH @ 10:30am (Open to the Community!)
  • March 10 Purim celebrated in school
  • March 12: Shalom Reggio Cafe! Free and open to the community
  • March 13: Resume 3:30 Friday dismissal
  • March 18: Parent- Teacher Conferences
  • March 22: Rainbowfish Musical
  • March 25: Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • March 29: NER TAMID! Save the Date!

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Click HEREto come to Hamentashen and RELISH!

Fun for the whole family!

Open to the community.

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Click HEREfor more information about our Ner Tamid Annual Fundraiser

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