Zach's Family: The Next Generation of Philanthropists :: Solomon Schechter Day School



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Zach's Family: The Next Generation of Philanthropists

The Zachs Family truly exemplifies the value of family, community, and philanthropy. This year the family is spearheading a $100,000 challenge match for the Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Hartford. Every increased or new gift to the school will be matched dollar-for-dollar.

Jessica Zachs, Co-President of the Board, proudly shares the impact the school has had on the grandchildren of Judy Zachs and Henry Zachs and Eric's and her children, "Solomon Schechter played a large part in our children's development as ethical, moral, and educated thinkers. We are proud of the adults they have become and recognize the role Schechter added to their paths. Our community is richer for the education the school's students receive within its walls and we ask everyone to help fulfill our challenge to keep the school strong."

The impetus for the match stems from the Zachs' three children, Benjamin, Jacob, and Zöe, all former Schechter students who believe in the Jewish values and education they received at Schechter.

Benjamin, now a member of the Schechter Board of Trustees, shares, "My brother, sister, and I are proud of our background, roots, and education. As we become adults, we recognize the values and knowledge gained from our Schechter years - a determining factor of our childhoods. We hope that the community recognizes the incredible importance of the school and helps ensure it can continue producing committed young Jews for many more generations."

The funds raised from the match will enhance Schechter's ability to offer exceptional learning opportunities to students from Early Childhood 2 through 8th grade. The school's mission is to develop each child in an academically challenging and nurturing environment so that he or she applies learned wisdom and compassion to successfully navigate an ever-changing world. Head of School Andrea Kasper says the Zachs family's impact will be felt throughout the school.

"The work we do every day at Schechter impacts the students, their families and the greater community. With this incredible Zachs challenge match we will continue to lay the foundation for Jewish learning for the coming generations and help shape the future of our Jewish community. We are grateful and inspired by the Zachs family, their leadership and generosity" said Andrea Kasper, Head of School.

The hope is that this challenge will inspire others to make a meaningful gift in support of Schechter. The goal is to reach the challenge by December 31, 2016.

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